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Rent a Single Cab Utility Vehicle (Ute)

1 Tonne Utility Hire From $39 a Day
Passenger Capacity:
Fuel Consumption:
Tray Dimension: 2.3m x 1.8m

Hire Single Cab Ute at the Lowest Rates

Renting a utility is one of the things that will make your moving, construction, furniture hauling, or landscaping easier than it should be. Alpha Car Hire continues to provide exceptional value with the cheapest rates on ute rental. Choose from our selection of utes that are a perfect combination of function and comfort. Our online booking process is easy and you can find 3 locations around Brisbane.

Hire one of our utes at cheaper prices than your typical trailer hire. With prices from just $39 dollars a day, our utes are the ideal choice for you to drive in comfort with full air-conditioning, adjustable and comfortable sports seats; both driver and passenger, AM/FM radio, CD and MP3 Player, Bluetooth wireless connectivity and power windows. Your safety is our concern too which is why we only stake our reputation on vehicles that ensure you're protected. Our utes come with driver and passenger side airbags, anti-skid brakes (ABS), electronic brake distribution (EBD), brake assist, traction, vehicle stability controls, and of course, seatbelts. Our fleet of vehicles is always the latest models available so any ute rental you select will have low KMS and responsive controls.

Overall (L x W x H) 4975 x 1760 x 1680mm
Wheelbase 3085mm
Mass 1565kg(Tare) / 2780kg(Gross)
Fuel Tank Capacity 76L Unleaded
Engine Type 2.7L/ 4-Cylinder
Transmission 5-Speed Manual
  • CD Player
  • AC System
  • Huge Tray Dimensions for heavy goods
Top 4 Things You Need to Know About Utes
Dimensions and Load Capacity

Choose from a selection of utes that can carry up to 1155kg. The tray has plenty of storage space to haul your cargo with an area of approximately 1760mm by 2200mm. Our utes are single cabs that will comfortably sit 2 passengers.

Convenience and Advantage

Being able to open the tray from 3 sides is a useful advantage; you can easily load or unload goods, items, or products. The open cab gives a clear view of your cargo to make sure everything is in order. You can also hire a trolley from Alpha at a great rate to make your loading and unloading less of a chore.

Driving Precautions

Be sure to tightly secure your cargo before you drive off. The tray has three sides that open and close firmly to keep your load from sliding and the side and back panels have wedges and tie supports to keep your cargo in place. There are safety laws in Queensland on load restraints. Understanding them will help avoid fines and, more importantly, traffic accidents.

Cover and Protection

Transporting your smaller goods in boxes and containers will make hauling significantly easier. Larger items can be transported as they are. It will be a good idea to add an extra cover such as tarpaulin or canvas and secure it over your cargo.

Practical Uses for Utility Vehicles

Depending on how big your landscaping project is, you are going to need to haul a good amount of materials, e.g. grass greens, plants, flowers, soil, and "hard scapes" such as stone paths, wooden fences, and sculptures. Hiring a ute can be cheaper than delivery charges when you want to beautify your yard.

Furniture Pick-up and Delivery

Whether you're moving, buying new furniture, or replacing of old ones, you're going to need a vehicle that can handle the weight and size. A ute is the cheapest way to go for most furniture transports. Small to medium sized furniture can be secured and carried together for single trips.

DIY Construction Project

You are going to need more space than your typical family van or pick up when you're hauling lumber, cement, and heavy tools. Renting a ute keeps your family car safe from hauling damages when carrying your construction materials.

Any activities or chores that require transportation will be much easier and safer when you hire a ute from the Alpha. Also save money by visiting our special discounts page to get deals on utes and moving trolleys .


*$39 a day price is based on midweek rental between Monday - Thursday for a 24 hour period or less.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Prices dependent on availability, public and school holidays, number of days rented, branch rental location.