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70-90 Garden Dr, Tullamarine VIC 3043
Phone Numbers

03 8592 6377 - Local Number
1300 22 74 73 - Aust Free Call
0800 44 54 92 - NZ Free Call
+61 7 3088 2976 - Int'l Customers Call

Store Opening Hours
Mon - Sun 7:00am - 7:00pm

Go out and about at Victoria’s capital with an affordable and reliable rental vehicle from Alpha Car Hire Melbourne. Book with us and enjoy FREE shuttle rides from Tullamarine Airport to our depot and back, where our friendly staff will help you pick up your vehicle. No need to worry about expensive cab or ride sharing fares anymore.

Making a rental car reservation with Alpha is easy, just select the vehicle that suits you, type all the necessary details in the booking form, and submit your reservation! Our friendly specialists will get in touch with you for confirmation and will be more than happy to discuss all costs and service questions you may have.

Melbourne Airport

We take pride that our car rental rates are the cheapest in the market and if you do find a cheaper price online, send that quote to us and we will offer an even cheaper rate. Take note that we also do not have any hidden charges or booking fees and that no online credit transactions are necessary. Pay ONLY when you come to our depot to get your vehicle.

For outstanding customer service and the best car, ute, and truck rental deals in Melbourne, choose Alpha Car Hire! Your stress-free trip to the world’s most liveable city starts today!

Free Shuttle Pick up Information - Melbourne Airport

Alpha's still looking for a new home in Tullamarine so while we're fixing up our busses and depot, our friends at Jetport will pick you up and take you to your car. Same as with our original site, you still get the benefit of being transferred to and from the airport for free. Please wait for the white Jetport bus instead of the big purple one. When returning the car, please make sure that you show up at the depot at least 40 minutes before your check-in time so you'll have plenty of time to board. Ready for cheap car hire? Here's a quick guide:

Melbourne Airport

Hotels and Accomodation

While a lot of the hotels in Melbourne can be costly, there is a wide variety of Melbourne accommodation options that can suit any budget. Glam it up in a snazzy 3, 4, or 5 star hotel. Enjoy spectacular views of the sparkling sea and shore in a fancy beachside apartment. Have a romantic weekend at a cozy bed and breakfast. Meet the most interesting people in a backpacker & hostel. Go on a frugal adventure in a comfortable but budget motel. Not sure where you're staying? Check out our Melbourne Accommodation Guide.

Toll Roads

Melbourne has several toll roads to reduce overall travel time and keep you out of the city traffic. Take note that Victoria no longer has manual toll points where you can pay with cash. To avoid any hassle procuring your own toll pass, take note that each rental car from Alpha is fitted with its own Etag with its integrated RMS Tolling Solution. For more information, check out our post on the RMS Tolling Solutions with Alpha.

Taking toll roads will reduce your travel time and fuel consumption, but remember that nothing in life is free. Each toll point will charge you ranging from $1.34 to $7.53, with some routes crossing multiple toll points along the way.

Melbourne Toll Roads include:

  • Southern Link (M1)
  • Western Link (M2)
  • East Link (M3)
  • Batman Avenue

Remember to pay your toll fees on time! If you don't, you'll be spending for what could've been additional meals or shopping money for penalties. Yikes!

Parking in Melbourne

The Melbourne city streets are busier than ever before which means you'll be experiencing traffic that's a little heavier and that you'd need a bit of exploring to get to get parking. The good news is that you can utilize on-street parking and it's available all throughout the municipality. Just make sure you know the Parking Signs in Australia and the to avoid and fines and hassle.


You can also park your vehicle in official car parks:

Ace Airport Parking, Melbourne Airport
189 South Centre Road
P: (03) 9330 2001
Open 24 hours
Wilson Parking
222 Russell St
P: 1800 727 546
Open 24 hours
Ace Parking | Church St, Cremorne
560 Church St
P: (03) 9886 0549
Open 24 hours
Wilson Parking
The Galleria/385 Bourke St
P: (03) 9224 0301
Alpha Airport Parking Melbourne
8 International Square
P: (03) 9335 3775
Open until 11:00 PM
Secure Parking
460 Lonsdale St
P: (03) 9613 0000
Open until 9:00 PM
City Square Car Park
202/208 Flinders Ln
P: (03) 9658 9658
Open 24 hours
Lygon Street Car Park
204-218 Lygon St
P: (03) 9639 2239
Open until 2:00 AM
120 Little Collins Street
P: (03) 9654 3246
Closes at 7:00 PM
Melbourne Airport Parking
Arrival Dr
P: (03) 9297 1600
Melbourne Museum Car Park
11 Nicholson St
P: (03) 9270 5061
Open until 12:00 AM
Arts Centre Melbourne Car Park
4 Sturt Street
P: (03) 9281 8012
Open 24 hours
Wilson Parking
367 Collins St
P: (03) 9224 0301
Secure Parking
12-20 Flinders Ln
P: (03) 9613 0000
Open until 11:30 PM
Secure Parking
558 Little Bourke St
P: (03) 9613 0000
Open until 9:00 PM
Secure Parking
114 Flinders St
P: (03) 9613 0000
Open until 11:30 PM
The Australian Ballet Centre Car Park
2 Kavanagh St
P: (03) 9682 1733
Open until 1:00 AM
Secure Parking
383 La Trobe St
P: (03) 9613 0000
Open until 9:00 PM
Secure Parking
392 Bourke St
P: (03) 9613 0000
Open until 11:30 PM
Flagstaff Car Park
6 Healeys Ln

Petrol Stations in Melbourne

Remember that before returning your Melbourne car rental to Alpha, you have to fill it up first! To make things easier for you, here are the petrol stations near the Tullamarine Airport and our depot.

United Petroleum - Fitzroy
390 Nicholson Street
P: (03) 9489 4791
Open 24 hours
Coles Express
399-411 Punt Rd
P: (03) 9428 1577
Coles Express Laverton Convenience Store
26 Ailsa St S
P: (03) 9369 2617
Coles Express East Melbourne
1181 Hoddle Hwy
P: (03) 9419 2973
Coles Express Essendon
Grocery Store Keilor Rd
P: (03) 9309 0611
Coles Express Mill Park
Plenty Rd
P: (03) 9436 8188
Coles Express Spotswood
632/642 Melbourne Rd
P: (03) 9391 2797
Caltex Australia Limited
151-167 Kings Rd
P: (03) 9364 6785
Open 24 hours
Coles Express Rosanna Convenience Store
Lower Plenty Rd
P: (03) 9457 3558
Coles Express South Yarra
325 Toorak Rd
P: (03) 9826 8160
Coles Express Macleod
Greensborough Hwy
P: (03) 9432 4715
Coles Express Ferntree Gully
1140 Burwood Hwy
P: (03) 9758 6000
United Petroleum - Sunshine
559 Ballarat Rd
P: (03) 9364 9577
Open 24 hours
Coles Express Ormond
423 North Rd
P: (03) 9578 1485
United Petroleum - Springvale
310 Springvale Rd
P: (03) 9546 3333
Open until 9:00 PM
Coles Express Ashburton
191 High St
P: (03) 9885 5537
United Petroleum - Mitcham
208 Mitcham Rd
P: (03) 9413 1400
Open 24 hours
Coles Express Vermont
Canterbury Rd
P: (03) 9873 1091
Coles Express East Preston 1-5 Murray Rd
P: (03) 9470 5813

Hook Turns

In Melbourne, one road practice that tends to catch foreigners off guard is the Hook Turn. If you've ever encountered a sign which says “Right Turn From Left Only”, then you've seen an intersection which obligates drivers to do a hook turn. This sign basically tells you that you can only make a right turn from the left lane. It may sound a little confusing, but it's actually quite simple. Check out this How to Perform a Hook Turn video from VicRoads for further explanation.

How to perform a hook turn:

  • Once you see a sign that says “Right Turn From Left Only” (hook turn sign), move to the leftmost lane before the intersection
  • On the green light, move forward on the lane until there's enough space for you to make a right turn. Make sure to keep clear of pedestrian lanes. Yes, some people actually end up stopping there.
  • If you're blocking traffic from the left, don't panic. This is completely normal and those cars are stopped on the red light.
  • Once the light goes from red to green, make a right turn from the leftmost lane. Relax, cars on the cross road are obligated to give way to the hook turn traffic before crossing the intersection.

It can be quite intimidating the first couple of times but just pay attention to the cars around you and give it a go, it's easier than it looks.


Explore and enjoy everything the city has to offer in the comfort of a rental car. Book a car hire in Melbourne with Alpha and get the best deals. Remember, if you can find a better deal for the same car (with similar terms and conditions) and send us the quote and we will beat that price. For rental car in Melbourne suburbs, visit the Alpha Car Hire Dandenong branch.