Things to do in Melbourne - The 12 Hour Itinerary

Melbourne is Australia's eclectic creative hub. Spend the day immersing yourself in its famous culture. From eating in fabulous city laneways to wandering through the surrounding wine regions this itinerary will guide you on your way! Print a copy and take it with you or share it with a friend

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Things to do in Melbourne – The 12 Hour Itinerary
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In recent years, Melbourne has been recognised as the most liveable city by the Economist Group. The distinction comes from the area's vibe which resonates the fusion of arts, entertainment, fine cuisine and sports. If you find yourself wanting to satisfy your curiosity as to the city's secrets to achieving fame, find time to spend twelve hours indulging yourself with the best that Melbourne has to offer. Consider hiring a car in Melbourne for the day in order to fit in as much as possible as public transport can suffer from delays and certain parts are unreachable by train or bus.

Why not start a trip down memory lane with breakfast at Banff St Kilda. The namesake of a popular ski town in Canada was once a cooking spot for American soldiers during World War II. Some historical elements of the area are still in place. The cabin-like ambience is accentuated with rich oak and soft lighting. You can choose among several breakfast specials such as Turkish bread, apple-soaked toasted oats and classic fried eggs.

Once you've satiated your palate, take an hour's drive across mountain forests and ancient trees to Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges. The scenic ride culminates in a morning of wine tasting (for the passengers!) and sampling of the local produce. You may also opt to climb aboard a hot air balloon and appreciate the rolling hills and vineyards.

From there, you can go to Grampians National Park and learn about Aboriginal culture. The site is filled wild flowers and hidden waterfalls, offering you a place for meditation with scenic views. Another option for nature appreciation is Moondara State Park, where you can walk along the bushlands, go swimming or even go fishing.

Pretty soon you'll be asking your "What's for lunch?". The answer is a generous serving of freshly baked Italian pizza. Al Dente Cooking in Yering holds traditional cooking classes. You get to sample a variety of ingredients and complimentary spices. Savour the taste of your creation together with in house favourites such as Fettuccini with Napoli Sauce and Wild Mushroom Bruschetta.

As the afternoon sun sets, you can take a leisurely walk around Melbourne's alleyways and street corners to marvel at the impressive street art and graffiti. Some works remain authorless, adding to the mystery of the creations but otherwise piquing your curiosity.

You'll eventually end up in Melbourne's signature laneways, a stretch of walls and stalls organically developed by the local community. Try out one of the preferred dining destinations of the city. Movida is highly recommended, as they offer a remarkable menu of different cuisines and tastes. It serves what is considered "the best tapas in Australia".

Cap your day with a walk along St Kilda beach. The nights here remain alive with the well-visited St Kilda Night Market. You find yourself enveloped in Melbourne's cityscape, along with the gentle breeze of the sea, while scouring the stalls for a lucky find.