10 Things to Look Out For When Renting in Australia

Top 10 things to look out for when renting in Australia

1 - Save Money

Independent car rental companies are located just off airport and can save you up to 14% in airport taxes.

Alpha Car Hire's branches are located no more than 6kms from the airport and offer free transfers between all of our airport locations.

2 - All Inclusive Prices

When choosing a car rental company ensure you ask for an all inclusive price. This price should include all compulsory fees and charges such as GST, insurance, kilometres and will eliminate add on costs once you arrive to collect your vehicle.

Alpha's quoted rates (online or over the phone) include full comprehensive insurance with a standard liability, all compulsory fees and charges and 500kms per day for passenger vehicles (100kms per day for commercial vehicles).

3 - Free Kilometers

Make sure you ask how many free kilometres the vehicles comes with. What this means is that you do not have to pay a price depending on how far you drive, thus you will know how much you have to pay on the day of rental and can choose a company based on this price.

Alpha Car Hire offers 500kms per day on passenger vehicles and 100kms for commercial vehicles. Each additional kilometre is charged at 27c per km.

4 - Standard Liability and Reduction Options

Always know what your financial responsibility is in case of an accident and what options you have to reduce it.

Alpha's rates come with standard liability and we have two different options that you can select to reduce your financial responsibility.

5 - Bonds

It is standard practice in Australia to leave your credit card details for a bond when collecting a car. Make sure to find out exactly how much your bond will be as it does vary if you use a debit credit card (pre-paid) to leave a deposit

6 - Vehicle Report

Make sure you examine the car carefully before you drive off. Look for scratches and make sure they are all documented before you sign the contracts.

An Alpha team member will inspect the car with you on your collection and ask you to sign off on it once you are happy.

7 - Phone Number

Remember to get the number for your rental car company so you can call them and ask for advice if you experience any problems.

Every Alpha Car Hire key ring has our contact number so that you can reach us at any time.

8 - Petrol Station

Do some research and find out if there is a petrol station close to where you are going to return the car as many companies charge a price per litre higher than most petrol stations. By knowing where a station is you can make sure that you avoid any nasty surprises on your bill when you return the car.

9 - Return On Time

Return the car at the agreed time as additional charges will apply for every hour its late.

10 - Obey The Road Rules

Follow the rule of the road. Just because you are driving a rental car does not mean you will get away with any road rule breaches. If a rental car is caught speeding, for example, the rental car company will bill you for the amount of the fine plus an administration cost. If you leave Australia without paying a fine you may be refused entry upon return.