How to Pay Your Toll

There are no cash toll booths in any of the Queensland Motorway toll points. You can either pre-pay or pay within 3 days of your travel dates.

GO Via

There are two payment methods - with credit card or with cash:

The best option for a rental vehicle is the Go Via road pass:

  • This is a temporary pass valid for up to 30 days
  • Can only be used on the Queensland Motorways road network
  • Only pay for the trips you make
  • Can backdate up to three days
Credit Cards

Credit Card

  • Credit card charged after travel (every seven days) for the trips you make in the nominated period
  • You can have multiple vehicles listed on the one pass
  • Sign up and manage - allows optional access to check transactions and receive Tax invoice statements (free online or $3.24 by mail)
  • Sign up and go - available for customers who donít require a Tax invoice statement or access to detailed transactions and who donít want to provide personal details

Sign Up:

Cash Payment

Cash Payment

  • Choose from either a toll credit pass or a trip pass
    • A trip pass offers eight different trip options - single or return
    • A toll credit pass offers eight pre-set amounts from $25 up to $50
  • You need one pass per vehicle
  • Passes are non refundable & transferable
  • Visit the Go Via website for more information