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Things to Know When Booking With Us

Planning to rent a car with Alpha? To help make your next rental a hassle-free experience, here are some of the most common roadblocks you might encounter so you’ll have enough time to prepare the needed documents or come up with a workaround.

Age limits

For safety purposes, Alpha takes extra precaution when renting out cars to those who fall outside the standard age limits (25 to 75 years of age):

age limits

Below  21 years of age – No rental   

21 to 24 years of age – For underaged drivers,  a daily age surcharge is applied. The only waiver available is the collision damage waiver in case of a  multi-vehicle accident. Vehicle size available to underaged drivers is only the standard sedan category.

76 years old and above – For senior drivers aged 76 years old and above, Alpha won’t require an age surcharge, but they will need you to provide a medical certificate stating that you are fit to drive. Unfortunately, no waiver options are available.
Using an international or overseas driver’s license

drivers license


Alpha requires all customers to present a valid driver’s license when picking up the car. If you’re coming from outside Australia, you either need to provide an international license or an overseas license that comes with an English translation. Your license should also have no restrictions.  

Credit card or debit card?
debit or credit card

You need to provide Alpha with a credit card for security bond purposes. Our security bond rates for credit and debit cards are as follows:

For credit card holders:

$100 – This is the standard bond whether or not you purchase an excess waiver.

For debit card holders:

$550 – This is the standard bond if you purchase our $550 excess waiver.

$3300 – This is the standard bond if you don’t purchase an excess waiver.

Keep in mind though that these security bonds will be held during the rental period. If there are no other charges after the rental period, the full amount will be returned to your account within 3-14 working days depending on your bank. Rest assured that all the charges included in your rental are clearly stated in the terms and conditions. By being aware of the possible issues you might encounter before booking a rental, you’ll have enough time to prepare the necessary documents and requirements. If you have questions about your Alpha Car Hire, call them; they are more than happy to help you.