Victoria’s Natural Wonders You Must Visit

Melbourne is one of the world’s most beloved cities. It is renowned for its food, sport, fashion, art, and culture. You’ll never run out of things to see and do. But sometimes, you just need to get out of town for a weekend.

It is easy to forget that the city is just a couple of hours away from Victoria’s most beautiful natural wonders. Many people head to the Australian Outback each year in search of adventure.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and explore Victoria’s diverse natural landscape, then you’re in luck. They are all just located within driving distance from Melbourne’s CBD.

To help you get inspired on your journey to experience all the sights and sounds of Victoria’s natural wonders, check out the list of gorgeous nature spots we’ve put together.

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Image credit: Richard Mikalsen via Wikimedia Commons

The Twelve Apostles

You might think that these are just a bunch of rocks that are sticking out of the ocean. However, the Twelve Apostles is Victoria’s most popular natural landmark. These rock stacks were formed by constant erosion of the coastal mainland for millions of years and are best seen at sunrise or sunset.


Image credit: Travellers travel photobook via Flickr

Mackenzie Falls
Located in the Grampians, MacKenzie Falls is one of the most famous and biggest waterfalls in Victoria. It is renowned for its fresh water cascading over huge cliffs into a deep pool while producing a rainbow mist against the sunlight. Spend some time enjoying the many trails and tracks and have a picnic with your mates. This majestic waterfall should be included in your must-visit nature spots.

the pinnacles, phillip island, australia

Image credit: Love Australia via Facebook

The Pinnacles
If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy location, head over to The Pinnacles on Phillip Island. You’ll witness scenery that appears to have been ripped out of the pages of a Tolkien novel. Located on the island’s southernmost point, take as many photos as you can of the pink granite stakes jutting out of the sea.


image from: Pixabay

Organ Pipes
Roughly 20 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD on Calder Highway, you can check out the Organ Pipes that were formed a million years ago after the eruption of Mount Holden. As the lava cooled, it created a set of 70-metre basalt columns that resembles cathedral organ pipes, hence the name. Situated in Keilor North, you can enjoy the walking track or have a relaxing picnic at the gorgeous parkland.


Image credit: Jebayventures via Wikimedia Commons

The Pink Salt Lakes
Located in the Murray-Sunset National Park, the pink colour seen at the Pink Lake is caused by the mix of red algae and the solid salt bed of the lakes. Depending on the weather or what time of day it is, the lake’s colour can change from salmon pink to bright white. Don’t forget to bring some sunblock and insect repellent as the area can get very hot and insects are quite active.

To ensure that your trip to any of these fantastic nature spots is hassle-free, don’t forget to look for a vehicle that is suitable for you and your party. Rent a car or an SUV, so you can comfortably get around with ease and flexibility.

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  2. Bruh… The photo you used for the Phillip Island “pinnacles” is actually the Pinnacles Desert in WA… Maybe update the photo to the actual Phillip Island one which is an entirely different landscape…

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