Proposal Ideas In Sydney

The love month is drawing near and that means thousands of people are likely to pop the question on the Sydney Harbour Bridge that added touch of romance. If you’re thinking that this is the best way to propose in Sydney, you might want to hold off on the idea a bit. It may be the best idea for other people, but is it going to be the best proposal for you and your partner?

What makes a good proposal? While there’s no exact recipe or science behind one, what’s most important that the event is meaningful to you and your partner. Story Bridge Climbs, flash mobs, and faux movie trailers are nice, but if neither of both you and your partner aren’t really into it, then it won’t be as special. Of course, you want your proposal to be unique and unforgettable but you won’t want it to be over the top. If want it to be original, you don’t need to do anything crazy like jump off a building. (Yes, someone actually proposed that way.) What you do need to do is think of what makes your partner special or what are the details unique to your relationship? Incorporate those into your proposal, and whatever you do will be unique and perfect to you both. Still need inspiration? Here are a few proposal ideas in Sydney.

For the beach lover

beach wedding proposal

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If you both love going to the beach, try going to Bondi beach at sunrise or sunset. Write a love poem or note on a piece of parchment paper and place it inside an antique or decorative bottle with a cork. Bury this in a well marked spot in the sand where you’ll be placing your beach towels or mat to make sure you “find” it as you dig together. You can also have a lovely stroll along the coastline and draw the words (or enlist the help of friends) on the sand on the end of the stretch. You can even prepare a sort of treasure hunt and ask help from one of the lifeguards to “inform” you of the treasure hunt even during the day.
For the garden stroller

botanical garden

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Imagine professing your undying love in the picturesque Botanical Garden when the flowers are in full bloom, or Mrs Macquarie’s Chair with incredible views of the harbour.  Of course, you can always just pack a picnic basket, some wine, and a spread of your choice and pop the question that way. But if you’ve spent many dates this way and you want to make it extra special, try hiring a caricaturist to be there. It wouldn’t be so farfetched to see performers and artists in the gardens so it wouldn’t be too obvious right at the bat. Tell the artist beforehand to draw a picture of you both with the words “Will You Marry Me?” (and maybe “Yes” on her side if you’re feeling cheeky) and you have an instant remembrance of this special event. You can even hire a singer or a quartet to play and dance to her favourite love song if she more inclined to music than visual art. Just make sure to appear casual when you make a “request” to the artists so your partner doesn’t catch on too early.
For the traveller

beautiful spots around sydney

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You don’t need to go overseas to have a romantic destination proposal. There are so many beautiful spots around Sydney and New South Wales where you can have a romantic weekend road trip. Play tourist in your own backyard, go out to see the hidden treasures of NSW. Have you ever gone the Kosciuszko Alpine Way? You’ll be going through breathtaking views of the Snowy Mountains, beautiful vistas, wonderful towns, lush forests, clear waters, and so much more. You can wait until you get to a picturesque spot in one of your stops (maybe somewhere in the Kosciuszko National Park?), or you can try stopping somewhere along the road with the views of the mountains. Maybe blast a love song on the radio and dance on the side of the road if you’re feeling bold (and there aren’t many cars around). Depending on your timing and mood, that could turn out to be a proposal that Nicholas Sparks books are made of.

Try timing your romantic road trip on a long weekend or maybe even over the holidays so you have more time to work up the courage to finally pop the question. Just be sure to tune up your car before the trip to avoid any mishaps. If you don’t have the time or don’t want to risk it, just get a Sydney car rental.

Remember that, more than venues and gimmicks, what matters most is how much you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner. When you look at her/him and you see beautiful days ahead, your words will always be filled with love and truth. You can’t go wrong with that. Good luck and congratulations!