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Melbourne’s Most Instagrammed Places in 2016

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, and for good reason. The app lets people share pictures about food and travel, and allows other people to see different places and cuisines in the eyes of locals and tourists. Search for the hashtags #travel and #travelgram on Instagram, and you will find a lot of inspiring and breathtaking travel posts on the said platform.

Australia has a lot of instagrammable places, and everyone knows that nothing can beat Bondi Beach in Sydney. What many might not know though, is that Melbourne has a lot of places that are super Instagram-worthy, you just have to know where to look. In this write-up, we discuss the most instagrammed places in Melbourne for 2016.

Kilda Beach

St. Kilda is recognized as the most instagrammed location in Melbourne and even in the state of Victoria in 2016. even named St.Kilda as the 5th most instagrammed places in Australia in 2016. Simply search for the hashtag #visitstkilda on Instagram, and you will instantly be transported to a place where delectable cake shops, summer markets, Al fresco eateries, colourful shopfronts, and world-class restaurants are found.


The street art in Fitzroy is amazing and hard to miss. It changes from time to time, so you will never get bored with the artwork. The awesome colours and intricate details will catch your eye, and will definitely stop you in your tracks. Simply search for #Fitzroy, #Fitzroyart, #Fitzroystreetart, or #FitzroyStreet on Instagram, and you will see why this is one of the most instagrammed places in Melbourne.

Ponyfish Island 

Who doesn’t want to take pictures of a floating bar and café? With a scene that picturesque, you definitely would want to take snaps and post it online. Search for #Ponyfishisland on Instagram, and see the amazing cityscapes that Ponyfish has to offer.

Hosier Lane

Here’s another street wall art that people love to take pictures of. The wall is full of different colours and shapes which are created by both local and international artists. Admirers and onlookers can choose between taking snaps of the stencils, paste-ups, murals, or installations. Type #hosierlane on Instagram, and see those artworks come alive through your phone.

The National Gallery of Victoria

By now, you might have come to the conclusion that people love taking pictures of artworks – drawings, paintings, statues, and even stained ceilings! The stained glass at the National Gallery of Victoria is one of the most instagrammed (or at least, the most instagrammable) locations in the area. It is designed by Melbourne’s very own Leonard French, and both the locals and tourists admire the artwork greatly. Type #nationalgalleryofvictoria on Instagram, and you’ll find thousands of great photos!

The Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens

Be one with nature and enjoy the serene-looking environment that this place has to offer. See the amazing Mountain Ash Trees, azaleas, cherry trees and viburnum by searching for the hashtag #alfrednicholasmemorialgardens on Instagram.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

With sceneries almost the same as those of the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens, you will definitely love pictures of this place as well. Browse through over 40,000 pictures of the gardens on Instagram by searching for the hashtag #royalbotanicgardens.

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