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Advantages of a Designated Driver

A drive with your pals is always guaranteed to be a good time. But, you know what’s not a good mixture? Drinking and driving. In Australia, there are strict laws in place with regards to drinking and driving. The legal limit is set at 0.05 blood alcohol concentration, while learners and probationary licence holders must have 0.00 BAC. So, before you go on that out of town camping trip with your mates, ask yourselves this: “who’s driving?”

Designated Drivers

Whether it’s a night out in the town, or a long drive to watch your favourite sports teams, a designated driver is guaranteed to save lives and assure everyone has a great time on your trip.

But, sometimes, friends who are the designated driver for the trip are bummed out. Because they feel like they are missing out on a lot of fun activities that involve beer and alcohol; don’t be. Here are a few positive things about becoming the DD:

No hangover

no hangover

Hangovers get worse the older you get. Your buddies may still like the feeling of getting drunk and making fools of themselves, and it’s okay. But, at least, you don’t have to live with a splitting headache the next day. You can still have a great time with your pals and, the best part is, you can even wake up early the next day to get your chores and other work done.

See a Different Side of Your Friends

group of friends

When people get drunk, they let loose a side of them you won’t usually see. Your ordinarily quiet friend is the loudest he’s ever been, and your normally energetic friend is suddenly passed out after a few drinks. You can also take this opportunity to document the evening so you all can have a good laugh about it once everyone is sober.

Sense of Responsibility


When people have a little too much to drink, their judgement is clouded, and they can make some irrational decisions like jumping into a pool from the second storey window. As the sober one, you can prevent your friends from making these bad decisions and ensure that everyone has a good time. And it’s also great to know that everyone you care about can come back safe to their families after a fun night out.

Prevent Accidents

car crash

Letting your intoxicated buddy drive home is dangerous. He is a danger to himself and everyone else on the road. With you as their driver, you are preventing accidents from happening and are contributing to the betterment of the community.

You Decide When the Party is Over

you get to say when the party is over

Because you’re the driver, you get to decide when you think everyone’s had enough and it’s time to call it a night. You can choose to go and drive everyone home after a night out in the town when you’ve had enough, or are ready to go home and sleep. Your buddies won’t be able to argue because their other choice is to either pay for a cab or walk back.

A designated driver is an unsung hero. Be proud instead of disappointed when it’s your turn to drive. And, if you’re looking for a car fit for a night out with your pals, get in touch with us here at Alpha Car Hire, and we can put you and your friends in a comfortable ride to your destination.