Things to Do in Gold Coast When You Have a Tight Budget

Gold Coast is one of the most beautiful places in Australia, although it can get a little bit expensive. However, there are ways that you can do to maximize your trip to Gold Coast without breaking the bank.

Here, we break the list down for you:

Stay in an Apartment or Hostel instead of a Hotel

Hotels in Gold Coast can cost you a lot of bucks. Hostels and holiday apartments, on the other hand, gives you the comfort and privacy that you need during your trip. You can cook your own meals and do your own stuff in the common areas. You can even meet new friends while you’re at it!


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Try a car hire in Gold Coast

What better way to spend your Gold Coast holiday than going to the beach? Gold Coast is known for its amazing drive-in beaches with crystal clear water, golden sun, and fine sand. Go swimming and sunbathing, or if you are with your family or friends, then go ahead and pack a lunch and have a picnic at the beach. Hiring a car would definitely be your best bet when driving-in to these beaches. Alpha Car Hire in Gold Coast offers affordable rates, and our cars will make you feel comfortable all throughout your trip! The convenience of renting a car during trips like these is just the ultimate best, not to mention that renting a car is more affordable!

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Take a hike in the Hinterlands

Take a moment to appreciate nature, and you will surely be thankful later on. The Hinderlands is a 30-minute drive from the beaches of Gold Coast. Vineyards, farmlands, quiet and classy villages, national parks, and rainforest reserves are all there for you to enjoy. The hiking trails and tree top adventures will make you feel closer to nature, and the fresh, cool air will immediately make you feel better.


Learn More about Australia’s Wildlife

Have you ever dreamt of seeing a koala or a kangaroo? Make those dreams come true by visiting the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary! By purchasing just one ticket, you can watch the staff feed the crocs, feed the kangaroos yourselves, and cuddle a koala! If you are more on the adventurous side, you could enjoy the high ropes challenge and tree top adventures. All these for just one affordable ticket!

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Experience bird feeding at Currumbin for FREE

If purchasing a ticket from Currumbin is out of your budget, then go ahead and head on to the bird feeding section! It’s totally free, and the birds all look so amazing! Hundreds of rainbow coloured lorikeets will land on your hands to get food and drink water, and they surprisingly aren’t shy! Enjoy feeding these birds for an hour for free!

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Who knew you could still enjoy Gold Coast while on a tight budget? Make your trip count by hiring a car in Gold Coast from us. We provide quality but affordable services, plus, you can even choose from our wide fleet of cars! Enjoy your trip and see you soon!