Driving in Sydney: The Ins and Outs

Sydney and Parramatta Car Hire

Sydney is a lively and exciting city. Once you arrive, it isn’t hard to see why this is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. It is the capital city of New South Wales and is home to over 5 million people, making it the most populous city in Australia. The city’s size is reflected in its road network, which includes the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Harbour Tunnel and a number of motorways in and around the capital.

As well as a thriving CBD, there are also a number of districts in Sydney. Each boasts their own unique style and attractions. Parramatta is a western district of Sydney. A city within its own right, but still located within 25 kilometres of the city centre and less than 10 kilometres from the iconic Sydney Olympic Park.

Alpha Car Hire has recently opened in Parramatta and is offering great prices on a range of cars. But before you hop in your rental car and get going, you may want to do a little research about driving around the area. Luckily, the team here at Alpha has put together some tips for driving around Parramatta and Sydney to save you any unnecessary drama or stress.

Interstate visitors and overseas travellers driving around Parramatta and the wider Sydney area can sometimes find themselves lost or confused by the city’s extensive road network. Navigating this city can be a daunting task for those unfamiliar with its geography.

The Sydney Orbital Network has ten motorways that move traffic in and out of the city center, all of which are now owned by private operators. Using Sydney’s motorways is typically the fastest and most efficient way to drive around the city. Just make sure you have gotten yourself an E-Toll pass as most toll roads no longer accept cash payments.

Be alert as to what roads have tolls, as it might not be immediately obvious due to the lack of tollgates for cash payments. You can download a comprehensive guide to Sydney’s motorways here. It may help if you take a look at the network before getting behind the wheel.

If you are visiting from another country, remember that Australian road rules dictate that you drive on the left hand side of the road. Because of this you also need to keep in mind that, when crossing the road as a pedestrian, you need to look to the right first. Then, after checking both directions, you can walk across the road.

Like most large cities, traffic in Parramatta and Sydney can be pretty bad sometimes. You can cut down on your driving time by avoiding major roads during peak hour. There is also a Live Traffic NSW App that you can download.

Parramatta traffic

Traffic is usually worst heading into the middle of the working week, with the Eastern Distributor, Old South Head and Pacific Highway most commonly affected by congestion.

Make sure that you stick to the speed limits when driving and be wary of traffic lights. There are plenty of cameras and police around the city, ready to catch drivers breaking the law.

Car rental in Sydney is relatively easy to find. Alpha Car Hire in Sydney offers visitors and locals the best prices for a rental car. Just make sure you have your current drivers license and credit card available when booking.

Once you are in the car and ready to hit the road, there are a number of great places within driving distance of the city.