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Best Road Trip Games You Need to Know

Aside from the beautiful sceneries and exciting activities, there are other things you can look forward to on your next road trip, like fun games you can play with your family or mates.

With some preparation, you can easily ward off boredom and avoid anyone from saying, “Are we there yet?” So, try these tried and tested travel games to help keep everyone entertained.

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Name that tune

This is a classic game where everyone can participate. All you need is your car stereo or a mobile device, like a smartphone or a tablet where you can store your music.

One person can be in charge of operating the music player, and the rest can be the contestants who will guess the title of the songs. The first one to guess the title of the song correctly gets a point, and the player who gets the most points wins, it’s that simple.

The great thing about this game is you can have a sense of each other’s musical tastes, and you can easily burst into to an impromptu sing-along. Good times for everyone.

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Guess the Celebrity

If you want to play a game that’s a bit fast-paced, players can take turns by thinking of a famous person. A player starts the game by mentioning something about the famous person, what he or she is best known for, and the rest of the participants can give their answers.

The celebrity in question can be an actor, singer, or an athlete. Whoever gets the correct celebrity earns a point. Just remember to keep track of each participant’s scores. Of course, the player who earns the most points is declared the winner.

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Two truths and a lie

Going on a trip is a good opportunity to get know each other better, and this game works great for those moments. Two truths and a lie, as the name implies, has a straightforward rule. One player will think of three statements: two of them are true, and the other one is false.

The other participants will try to guess which statements are true and false. More than getting the most accurate guesses, this game aims to break the ice and start further conversations that go beyond the game. If you are travelling with workmates, this game is a good way to get to know them even better.

spellers sign

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Spelling bee

If you are travelling with children, this is a fun game for them to play. Not only is this a great way to pass the time, but this game will also encourage them to become better spellers. You can do some research online before embarking your road trip.

You can write a list of words that are suitable for your kids’ age and grade level. Just print out your list, keep track of the points they earn and have a great time holding a spelling competition with your little ones.

These are just some of the fun games you can enjoy playing with your family and mates. This will help ensure that everyone is entertained and engaged along the way.

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