Camping Grounds Around Cairns

If you’re a seasoned camper, you’d know that there are some things and experiences that camping can give which hotels and other accommodations cannot. Tents are worlds apart from the comfort and convenience of hotels, but the experience camping brings is usually what makes the entire trip more memorable and unique. Since you’d have to exert effort in pitching your tent and arranging your blankets, pillows, and other things inside to make it into a liveable space, it leaves you with a sense of pride and accomplishment for being able to create your own ‘home’ for the holiday, and you feel more fulfilled. These are just some of the things that make camping unique; it’s basically the experience, not the convenience.

Fortunately, the lovely northern coastal oasis of Cairns is blessed with sprawling camping grounds and caravan parks that are ideal for pitching your tents and spending the night. You just have to find a proper host or resort that offers camping facilities at a minimal cost, and you’re good to go. Getting all your camping stuff to your chosen site is much easier with the help of a car hire in Cairns. This way, you’d have a vehicle at your disposal should you wish to transfer sites or explore the city.

But before anything else, here’s a couple of great camping sites for you to choose from:


Cairns Holiday Park

This popular caravan park is known for being the closest camping site to the Cairns City Centre, a plus point for travellers who wish to experience a nature trip but still want to be near urban conveniences and tourist attractions. Cairns Holiday Park occupies an expansive strip of land that’s surrounded by trees and different varieties of plants, so you can definitely see and feel nature everywhere when you spend your holiday within its grounds. It provides the perfect setting for when you want to feel like you’re just camping in the middle of the forest, far away from the stress of city life.

Cairns Holiday Park offers unpowered tent sites for a minimal fee per night. You can take your pick from among the 31 spacious sites available, each close to the amenity block. A space comes with access to facilities like the BBQ area, laundry services, and free wireless Internet service. The sites are also pet-friendly, but they’re limited to just one pet per site. If you want to camp with your furry buddy, be sure to secure pet approval first when booking and only bring one that you can guarantee won’t create disturbance to other campers.

There are also other accommodation options in Cairns Holiday Park that you can choose from — standard lodgings, ensuite studios and sites, unpowered van sites, and powered sites. It depends on your needs; if you can’t survive without electricity for a few days, then a simple unpowered camping site will be just right for you. Park facilities include a guest swimming pool, Foxtel TVs in studios and lodgings, and open-air camp kitchen.

12 – 30 Little Street, Cairns, QLD 4870
Phone: +61 07 4051 1467
Email: [email protected]

Cairns Gateway

Cool Waters Holiday Park

Set in the quiet, peaceful tropical suburb of Brinsmead in Cairns, Cool Waters Holiday Park provides the ideal setting for a nature-filled family holiday with the comfort and conveniences you’d usually find in other eco accommodations. The park is surrounded by a tropical rainforest with acres of lush, manicured lawns, a freshwater creek, and a canopy of towering trees. Its caravan and camping sites are situated on an expansive landscaped garden that offers lots of shade overhead and space in between for the privacy of campers.


The park itself is clean and well-maintained, so you can relax in a comfortable, hygienic surrounding even in an outdoor setting. Most sites are also powered by electricity and near the water supply for your convenience; you’re free to choose which area to pitch your tent or park your vehicle. Powered and unpowered sites have only a slight difference in rates per night.


More than a holiday park, Cool Waters is also a community of its own. With the suburban, rainforest environment, you’d most certainly feel right at home; you can also grab the chance to mingle with other campers as you relax in the site’s saltwater swimming pool and spa, which has a waterfall feature, sunbeds, and enough shade for you to feel comfortable in the sun.


Close to Cool Waters are three other parks where you can enjoy other outdoor activities with your family. There’s the Samuel Christensen Park across the road with a public playground and BBQ facilities, the Gamboora Park behind with picnic tables and a flat landscape ideal for cricket and football, and Glenoma Park, about a couple of minutes away, with free-flowing freshwater creek ideal for an afternoon dip.

2 Shale Street, Brinsmead, Cairns, QLD 4870
Phone: +61 07 4034 1949
Toll-free: 1800 223 411
Email: [email protected]

Cool Waters Holiday Park

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a huge family on vacation, you definitely won’t run out of choices when it comes to finding a caravan and camping site in Cairns. Take advantage of its sprawling rainforests and beautiful landscapes to experience a unique and memorable vacation that’s one with nature. For easier access to these sites and added convenience when going around town, you should also find a car rental in Cairns. You’ll find that it’s less of a hassle for you to have a vehicle at your disposal if you’re set on bringing your camping equipment with you. This will also help you secure a reliable means of transportation on your vacation, which is something that’s as important as finding a good accommodation.


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