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Melbourne has now been crowned the most liveable city in the world for three years in a row! A great way to discover why the city has received this honour is to rent a car and explore the city for yourself. Packed with attractions from laid-back laneways and lush parks to grand libraries and museums, all wrapped up in a vibrant atmosphere. With so much to do and see, Alpha Car Hire will provide you with the option to get out and experience why Melbourne has won this tag two years in a row.

We pride ourselves on providing customers with an affordable car rental to use whether they are here on business or pleasure. With our fleet of new vehicles ranging from an Economy car to a Family SUV or even an 8 seater people mover, there will be something to suit your needs and budget.

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Great service!

, Car Hire May 2014 Keith voted our over all service 5 out of 5 stars 5/5

We'll deal with you again all good! Thank you

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Fantastic service, clean cars and great price. Will use again!

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I was more than happy with the reduction cost being affordable.

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It was very easy and comfortable to deal with Alpha. Every one was so helpful and unpretentious

, Car Hire May 2014 Margaret voted our over all service 5 out of 5 stars 5/5

Our positive experience started with a phone call. The lovely person who answered was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and made the overall booking simple and efficient. Our hire agreement was a last minute due to changes in our itinerary. Pick-up from the airport was quick and painless, so was taking the keys for our car. Staff member was very helpful, giving some very good tips for an enjoyable stay. Drop off was very streamlined, to the point, we had enough time to eat before catching our plane. In short, a great experience, one that we wish to do again in the near future.

, Car Hire May 2014 Brett voted our over all service 5 out of 5 stars 5/5

Thank you very much I extremely happy with the car & service

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Great service, uncomplicated & fast.

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Very easy, great communication and customer service. Would definitely hire from Alpha again.

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We are very happy with Alpha car rentals as a repeat customer we tell our friends don't go anywhere else. I'm about to book again in 3 weeks highly recommend you guys.

, Car Hire May 2014 David voted our over all service 5 out of 5 stars 5/5

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Popular Melbourne Attractions

Melbourne has a strong reputation in Australia for great coffee and amazing fashion but with such a rich history and so many exciting things to see and do you can't visit the city without spending at least some time exploring!


If you've got a small group of people and you're looking for some fun and adventure that challenges the mind, head to Exitus and check out one of the latest crazes that is now sweeping Melbourne - the Escape Room.

Your group of 2 - 8 people are placed in a themed room and have 45 minutes to find the hidden clues to piece everything together and come up with an escape plan before the time runs out.

Adult prices start at $38 per person for a single room and get cheaper with a concession card or multi-room purchase. It makes for safe, exciting adventure, especially on a cold or rainy day!

National Gallery of Victoria

National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria was opened in 1861 and is Australia's oldest art gallery. With so many fantastic exhibits and an ever-changing list of displays, the National Gallery is definitely worth a visit while you're in town.

While their exhibits are great, don't be fooled into thinking its just a sleepy art display! They also have a host of live performances, school holiday camps, talks and classes for all age groups.

The gallery is located across two sites: The NGV International in South Bank and the Ian Potter Centre at Federation Square, just nearby. These locations are just a short walk apart and definitely worthwhile.

Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo

A trip to the Melbourne Zoo is something not to be missed with over 320 species from around the world and a list of "wild encounters" that let you get up close and personal with some breathtaking animals, it's a great day out for all ages.

Adult entry costs $30 per person and kids vary from FREE to $13.20 depending on age and day of the week. They are located just a few minutes north of the Melbourne CBD and offer ample parking spaces ($2 for 5 hours).

Check out their website and plan your visit, you won't be disappointed!

Toll Roads

Melbourne has several toll roads toward the city to reduce overall travel time to keep you out of the traffic and get you where you're going sooner. Victoria no longer has manual toll points which means you cannot pay with cash.

To avoid possible confusion and further charges, do yourself a huge favour and pick up a Melbourne Toll pass after you collect your vehicle from Alpha. You can buy them online or at most service stations and if you're unsure, ask one of our friendly staff and they can point you in the right direction! Please be aware that tolls are your responsibility to pay within three days of travel on a toll road.

Melbourne Toll Roads:

  • Southern Link (M1)
  • Western Link (M2)
  • East Link (M3)
  • Batman Avenue

These roads do reduce travel time and fuel consumption but it does come at a cost. While prices increase regularly, the cost of each toll point currently ranges from $1.34 to $7.53 with some routes crossing multiple toll points along the way. Check out the CityLink website to calculate the cost of your trip.


Melbourne has over 42,000 parking spaces in and around the city to make finding a space surprisingly quick and easy. If you're looking at on-street parking, often one of the most complicated parts is understanding the parking sign and what limitations apply to you at that time of day.

Parking fines can be expensive so the safest thing to do is take a look at the Melbourne Parking guide to see where you can park and when. They provide some great information to make life much easier so you can avoid an expensive fine!

Finding an off-street parking complex is much easier and means you will be safe from the parking inspectors but if you need to park for a few hours the prices can get expensive. If you're planning a full day in the city then keep an eye out for "early bird" specials and pick up a great deal at a fraction of the cost.


Melbourne still has a network of trams that operate throughout the city and to accommodate for them on the busy streets of the CBD, there are a few rules and regulations that you need to be aware of. Below is a great video from Vic Roads that clearly explains the laws that apply to Melbourne roads, it's definitely worth watching!

Hook Turns

The manoeuvre that catches so many tourists out is the Hook Turn. Because the tram lines are located in the middle of the roadway, there are a number of intersections where you cannot simply turn right from the right hand lane like you normally would.

Melbourne Hook Turn

Image courtesy of VIC Roads

At intersections where you see the "Right Turn From Left Only" sign as shown above, you must only turn right from the left lane. This sounds confusing but take a look at the YouTube clip below for a great explanation.

How to perform a hook turn:

  1. Approach the intersection in the left hand lane while indicating to the right
  2. When you have a green light in the direction you are currently travelling, enter the intersection and move as far to the left as practical so cars behind you can continue straight through. You should now have stopped vehicles facing your passenger side door.
  3. Once the lights turn green in your intended direction of travel (ie the direction you want to drive), it is safe to complete your turn.

It can be quite intimidating the first couple of times but just pay attention to the cars around you and give it a go, it's easier than it looks!

About Melbourne

Melbourne is Australia's unofficial sporting capital with many major sporting events including the Spring Racing Carnival, the Boxing Day Test, the Australian Open, Ripcurl Pro, the Formula One, Grand Prix and the monster of them all, the AFL Grand Final. Car rental Melbourne is a great way to get around are support your team.

There are other annual events such as the Comedy, Food and Wine, Fashion and International Film Festivals. Another place to find some culture is at Federation Square which is host to popular conventions and museums all year round.

Escape to Phillip Island

A short trip from the city, Phillip Island is a popular escape for those wanting to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery. Phillip Island is famous for its international motorcycle and car racing events. Motorsport enthusiasts all over the world converge on the Island to see the big name competitors in action on the famous Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

Renowned for the wildlife that calls the island home, there is an Important Bird Area for Little Penguins, Pacific Gulls and Short-Tailed Shearwaters. There is also the Maru Koala and Animal Park where you can hand feed the animals and lots of opportunity for incredibly photos. If you're visiting in April then be sure to pack your best eye patch and work on your pirate voice so you can take part in the annual Pirate Festival! It's an exciting day of themed games, activities and attractions that are definitely worth the drive.

Endless Shopping

If you enjoy shopping then you're definitely in the right city! Leave plenty of time to check out Melbourne's best shopping precincts including those listed below and so many more!

  • Swanston Street
  • The Bourke Street Mall
  • Queen Victoria Markets
  • Collins Street
  • Chapel Street

Across the city you'll find everything from small, hand-crafted goods to high end fashion, jewellery and dining so it doesn't matter what your taste or budget, you are guaranteed to find something you enjoy, usually the hardest part is trying to decide where to go first.

Often a great place to begin is the massive Chadstone Shopping Centre. Labelled "the largest and most fashionable shopping destination in the southern hemisphere", it boasts over 530 stores including a dedicated luxury precinct where you'll find some of the world's best brands including Burberry, Chanel, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton and many more.

On its busiest days, Chadstone has been known to attract as many as 68,000 people in a single day!

Ivana Nikolic
is the Marketing Manager at Alpha Car Hire - Driven by Price and Service

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